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Yacht Rigging



  • Rigging inspections

  • Precision rigging tune

  • Rigging replacement 

  • Mast stepping/ unstepping

  • Masthead work

  • Installations aloft

  • Servicing of winches & equipment

  • Electric winch conversions

  • Swaged and mechanical fittings

  • Furler installation and service

  • Eye splicing for running rigging

  • Hydraulic vangs and backstays

Accumar provides thorough and comprehensive rigging inspections on most types of masts to vessels located within our service area. All running and standing rigging is carefully inspected. All rigging termination points are visually inspected. Sheave pins and sheaves, spreaders, furler or headsail foils, and all gooseneck fittings all carefully inspected for wear and potential failure points. Electrical wiring is inspected for chafe/corrosion.

We also check all light fittings, blocks, cars, tracks, clutches, winches and any other hardware. We provide a detailed report of our findings, including suggestions for any additional parts and work required.

We will assist you with both troubleshooting faulty equipment as well as with selection of any new rigging parts, from winches or furling gear, to a new mast, no job is too big or too small. 

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